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Behind-the-Scenes--Round 1 of Website Updates

After finally having this website up and running we've learned a lot and have made some changes. These changes should improve our ability to run and maintain, your ability to navigate, and bottom line cost effectiveness.


"Helpful Links" page is a permanent page where all of the links from our "Vital Links and Information" blog post have been placed. See banner above.

Google Calendar📆 on the home page. We are unclear how to allow you to request access to merge with your own calendar but shoot us an email and we'll send you a link for view only access. When in-school events change and are added we are attempting to get that changed and edited ASAP into that calendar.

Other changes:

Online orders will always be a tad more than purchases with 💵cash 💵. This is due to processing fees of which we are all more than familiar.

We are currently working on setting up more automations within the website to connect it with our social media, getting updates to you on a consistent timeline, and sending out feedback opportunities after an event has taken place. Thank you🙏 for your patience while we learn about how we can best use our new tools.

Please consider joining our group to have more of a voice for what we put these funds into and join our parent forum. 🚩JOIN THE HSA🚩. We defer costs by providing goods, services, and events. Examples are helping defer in-school special events, bus costs for trips, supplies, and our end of the year event Fun Fair. Official membership with voting rights closes at the end of November.

You can still join or even consider just donating a little bit monthly by clicking the "JOIN the HSA" button in our menu.

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